Disposable fruit charcoal grill Portable Ready to use Easy to light Contains no harmful substances, healthy to use

Style:  disposable grill
Color:  Black


Now it’s barbecue season again.
It is inevitable to go out for a meal with family or friends when you have nothing to do.
Either the oven won't light,
It's obviously lunch, but you don't eat it until the sun goes down?
Or after eating delicious food, you are covered in the smell of oily smoke,
Are you disliked even if you take a step into the crowd?
The most frustrating thing is that I have to clean the greasy oven.
Both disappointing and troublesome...

Want to have an outdoor barbecue easily, simply and conveniently? Is it that difficult?
So today I will introduce an artifact to you foodies,
A compact, easy-to-use, smoke-free and flame-free device.
2 seconds quick burning disposable self-service oven
Lazy barbecue grill
It makes starting a barbecue fire easy,
Disposable, environmentally friendly and biodegradable!

Contains 30 pieces of fruit charcoal, super simple fire making process
When using, just open the package.
Follow the diagram to disassemble and assemble, it can be completed quickly in 20 seconds.
Even the most trouble-shy girls can do it easily.

1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
2. This product contains fast-burning fruit charcoal. Please do not add charcoal or other combustion aids by yourself.
3. Please confirm that all fruit charcoals are tightly connected to ensure quick ignition.
4. Do not use indoors or in confined spaces.
5. Please pour water, sand or soil out of the oven and discard it after it is completely cooled.