Mother's Day event "gold leaf" bracelet limited time offer, buy one get two free

Adjustable, non-invasive treatment, the best gift for mothers

Specification:  Buy 1 get 2 free


Offer this week only! Buy one and receive 3 bracelets + eco box and phrase card as a gift

This magnetic therapy band is the best non-invasive treatment available to improve health and stress.

It is made from superior quality gold, ensuring durability and unparalleled luster. What’s special about this band is that it has magnets inside to make you feel better.

You will feel more relaxed and calm when you use it. Magnets can help improve circulation and relieve pain naturally, without the need for invasive treatments.

Not only will you look good, but you'll also feel better. It's a simple and elegant way to take care of yourself and improve your quality of life in a non-invasive way.

1.S925 sterling silver base
2.18K gold plated
3.hypoallergenic products
4.Adjustable for everyone
5.Length: Bracelet "15+5cm"
6.Quantity: bracelet*3+exquisite gift box+card