[Official authentic product] 20000mAh second generation arcade mobile power supply 2.0, hot-selling in Taiwan, cumulative sales 100000+ LED smart digital display | 10000+ arcade games | upgraded game core | equipped with dual charging cables!

This is a novel electronic device that integrates gaming and mobile power

Style:  Dark green


Comes with 10,000 classic mini-games to help you pass the time

Screen-casting TV equipped with handle for leisure and fun anytime, anywhere

Just press the switch to start the game. Whether it is underground exploration, street warriors, bubble shooter... you can click on any game to bring you different shocking effects.

It retains the feel of the buttons, allowing you to experience pleasure on this small machine.

How do you spend the long wait when you are waiting for someone? At this time, you can play game consoles to pass the time.

30000mAh large capacity battery for continuous battery life
Dual USB interfaces with strong compatibility and patented design

This game console power bank, in addition to the game console function, the power bank function is also very powerful, combining fun and practicality well.

Some people are also thinking, is such a small game console still a power bank? ! I'm afraid the battery will run out after just two minutes of playing, right?
I can tell you very conscientiously, there is no need to worry at all!
The large capacity of 30000mAh allows you to play continuously for a long time, or you can charge your phone multiple times in an emergency~

The charging interface is extremely compatible and can be used with Apple and Android! It also has dual USB interfaces, which can support charging of two devices at the same time.

There is a professional test report to prove it, so you can rest assured.