Photochromic TR90 Anti-blue Light Multifocal Progressive Sports Reading Glasses

Eye Prescription: +100:  +0 ( No Prescription )
Frame Color: Gray-Multifocal:  Red-multifocal



Introducing our cutting-edge Photochromic TR90 Anti-blue Light Multifocal Progressive Sports Reading Glasses - the ultimate fusion of technology, comfort, and versatility for the active and digitally connected individual. These glasses are meticulously designed to cater to both your dynamic lifestyle and your multifaceted visual needs, seamlessly adapting to indoor reading sessions and outdoor activities alike.

Key Features:

  • Photochromic Technology: The lenses intelligently adjust to varying light conditions, transitioning from clear indoors to dark outdoors, providing optimal visual comfort and 100% UV protection under the sun. This feature ensures that you enjoy flawless vision in every environment, without the need to switch glasses.

  • TR90 Frame Material: Known for its incredible durability, flexibility, and lightweight nature, the TR90 frame offers unparalleled comfort during extended wear. Its impact-resistant properties make it perfect for sports and outdoor activities, ensuring your glasses can withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle.

  • Anti-Blue Light Coating: In today’s screen-dominated world, protecting your eyes from harmful blue light is essential. Our glasses come with a special coating that filters out blue light emitted by digital devices, reducing eye strain, minimizing headache risk, and promoting healthier sleeping patterns.

  • Multifocal Progressive Lenses: Whether you're reading up close, working on a computer, or viewing objects at a distance, our multifocal progressive lenses provide smooth and seamless transition between different focal lengths, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses and offering clear vision at all distances.

  • Sporty Design: Not only are these glasses functionally superior, but they also boast a stylish, sporty design that complements any athletic or casual outfit. Whether you're hitting the gym, cycling, or enjoying a leisurely walk in the park, you'll look as good as you see.

Why Choose Our Photochromic TR90 Anti-Blue Light Multifocal Progressive Sports Reading Glasses?

For those who lead an active lifestyle but also spend significant time on digital devices, finding a pair of glasses that can keep up with your diverse needs has been a challenge—until now. Our sports reading glasses provide the perfect solution, blending advanced optical technology with a durable, stylish frame that's built to last. Say goodbye to carrying multiple pairs of glasses and hello to convenience, protection, and style in one innovative package. Whether you're indoors or out, working or playing, these glasses will ensure your eyes are always protected and your vision is always clear.