Remote Control Fishing Bait Boat with GPS Auto Navigation and LED Light Cruise Control for Nest Fishing

Style:  D13+5200mA


I never thought it would be so simple
Catch the big fish! ! !

Double insult leaves fish with nowhere to hide
GPS feeder + sonic radar version! ! !

Built-in GPS navigation with the help of which we can record any 16 different points and later press a button
By pressing it we can bring the net to the desired area so that we don't have to go to the desired area. Just press the button and the boat will return.

Hard core load capacity up to 10kg Casting and bait hooks, bait spreader, portable and easy to use

"With your phone, you can connect to
Radar detector monitors fish schools in real time
Move around and find traces of your target fish.
You can capture the movements of fish with just one touch to achieve precise capture! "

The remote control distance is 500 meters, and the signal in a clean environment is more stable. AGPSH high-frequency wireless remote control is not afraid of interference and can truly achieve a remote control distance of 500 meters.

The night light is strong, and the front and rear night lights for ultra-long-distance positioning improve the distance at night, making it easier to change the navigation direction and feed accurately.

Although it weighs only 0.5 kilograms, it can withstand wind gusts of level 7-8.

Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Maximum load capacity: 10 kg
Boat battery capacity: 5200mAh
Remote control batteries: 4 AA batteries (not included)
Charging time: 6 hours
Working hours: 2 hours/4 hours
Maximum speed: 10 km/h
Remote control range: 2000 meters
Boat size: 39*30*6 cm
Packing size: 35.7*22*5.8cm
Packing weight: 0.5kg

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